Preview - When Judges Go Bad

Judges do have a propensity to "legislate from the bench" as the say goes, but it's highly unlikely they go bad. Unless they're the judge, jury and executioner, in which case all bets are off.

When Judges Go Bad is written by John Wagner and Mark Millar, illustrated by Chris Weston, Will Simpson, Greg Staples and more, lettered by Tom Frame and with a cover by Simpson. The 2000 AD publication shows what happens when absolute power corrupts absolutely.

From the crazy Judge Kurten - who thinks an invisible blue demon called Mo is telling him what to do - to the brutal psychopath Judge Manners and the embittered failed cadet Ralphy Bryce, this is a collection that shows even Judges of Mega-City one aren’t above the law.

The $17.99 collection will be in stores soon with interiors below.