Review - Alpha Girl #3

Zombies are still king when it comes to comics and nobody does them better right now than Image Comics. The latest in their family of zombie comics is Alpha Girl #3 out this week.

Writers and co-creators Jeff Roenning Jean-Paul Bonjour handle the script, with artists Robert Love, Dana Shukartsi, Diego Simone and Drew Gill on the illustration side of things.

In the most recent issue we find our heroine Judith teaming up with a kid named Frank. The two of them are forced to hide out in his house as they form a plan to get out of there and make it somewhere a lot less crazy. After smacking down some bold challengers, the pair find themselves surrounded and force to flee to the reinforced garage to form that plan of stealing his neighbor’s truck.

Each issue in the series gets better and better, with the story growing larger and more intriguing as to where the end game could take Judith. The ending of this issue really gets you wanting the next one to come out now.

The comic has a dark color scheme about it, with most of the pages the characters are wearing dark clothes or in shadows, but the art team still manage to allow them to stand out on the page. One page in particular has Frank and Judith surrounded by the crazed women, where the women are depicted as the shadows in the foreground.

Alpha Girl #3 continues a great story with awesome art and good page layout. It does not disappoint at all with the amount of zombie bashing, blood flying, with humor thrown into the mix making for one great comic.

If you are a fan of zombies, good action, strong female lead character and a funny story, then this is a series you should be reading by now. Alpha Girl is a comic hope to see around for awhile.

Alpha Girl #3 is in stores now with interiors below.