Review - Fathom: Volume 4 #6

Aspen Matthews is always being asked to save someone or fight someone. Can't she just enjoy a nice wave and day at the beach? Clearly, even that's a little tough if Fathom Volume 4 #6 is any indication.

The title is published by Aspen Comics and is written by David Wohl, with pencils by Alex Konat, colors by Beth Sotelo and letters by Josh Reed.

Nakamura's desires are somewhat nefarious, as he's forcing Aspen to do his bidding by holding her friends hostage. That bidding requires Aspen confront the Church of the Eternal Depths and more or less shake them down. His reasons for sending her aren't stated but are fairly obvious, as the group is doing something a little reminiscent of a science experiment.

Padma is the experiment, being transformed into a creature of the water and bringing her sister Shethal to attempt to save her. The Church has a group of well-armored bodyguards that Aspen arrives and makes short work of, yet by the end of the issue things aren't going as well for Aspen as she'd like.

Aspen continues to be a character "caught between two worlds," only in the sixth issue she's not caught between the Black and Blue but helping her friends and helping her enemies. That is, in order to help her friends, she has to help her enemies, which is not an enviable position to be with.

Wohl gives Aspen depth in assessing her moral compass in the situation and it helps the story along. Giving her a surprise ally in Shethal is pretty awesome as well, especially considering who she is. I won't spoil it, but needless to say Aspen reaches into their universe for her character.

Konat's pencils are consistent and he's very well versed in illustrating scenes completely underwater that don't feel as such. There are some action scenes in the book that are easy to follow thanks to Konat's handling of the characters. Sotelo's colors skew a little dark, but they work for the issue.

This is the sixth issue in the fourth volume and Aspen has finally gotten into a situation that doesn't end with her deciding how she can help her friends. It's a good plot advancement and should keep the reader interested and wanting to come back for more.

Fathom Volume 4 #6 hits stores June 13 with interiors below.