Review - Saga #4

Welcome to Sextillion! At least, that's the primary setting for Saga #4, the latest in the series from Image Comics.

Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples continue their creative rampage, with Fonografiks providing lettering.

As mentioned earlier, the fourth issue really settles down and focuses on two primary locations and characters. The Will is in Sextillion, an amped up Amsterdam that deals in sex, lust and perverse desires.

Meanwhile, Marko and Alana are the Fort and Mountain, where Marko is clinging to life. He makes it through, which makes for a tense conversation with Alana about a previous flame named Gwendolyn. All of this takes place with Izabel, a ghost with no legs.

While both scenes are universes apart, they're brought together rather brilliantly by Vaughan. There's a character the two groups share and how the character unites them at that particular point in time is quite intriguing.

Vaughan continues to make Saga one of the best comics out there today. He's imbued it with such creative fire that every page feels like a whole new world. And Vaughan isn't scared to push limits, with a lot of the content in Sextillion quite racy.

Vaughan's writing is made even better by the art of Staples. To say her work here is phenomenal is a vast understatement. The scenes in Sextillion have an almost Hayao Miyazaki feel to the art.

It's definitely more mature than Miyazaki's work, but it's got the same outlandish yet uniquely appropriate feel to it. Staples is nothing short of amazing here. Honestly.

Very few series out there today are doing what Saga is doing and that is provide a consistently, well-paced story that's full of grandiose characters and tightly woven storylines. If you're not reading the series yet you're really missing out on some topnotch work.

Saga #4 is in stores June 20 with interiors below.