Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. Originally it was a post of news and tips to help survivors make it one more day alive, but now it has became a story of my fight after being bitten and partially cured to walk as a half-zombie among them.)

Day 8 of this siege.

Since late Thursday of last week, zombies numbered low at first, but have slowly built up as the week moved along. Those radioactive bastards keep bringing more and more back, biting them as they go; that's making the smarter shamblers. Now we are surrounded by about 150 of them and ammo is starting to become a bit of a problem.

More bad news. It looks like they might be coming up with a way to get over the wall as they have been slowly circling around, looking at it for any sign of weakness. These continued signs of intelligence are just another big F you to survivors. I see it as a matter of time before they do manage to get in somehow and that's going to be one hell of a fight.

We're surrounded right now in an old storage facility with plenty of materials to defend it with. Most of the metal doors are used for walls and have been put up inside the facility to funnel the zombies into a spot we can shoot down on from safety. It’s getting to the point where perhaps we just let them in so we can spring this trap, but with these zombies nothing makes sense of anymore.

Gotta figure something out soon though, as with any prolonged siege you get supply issues and things are starting to get a little scarce around here. We will make our push tonight and tomorrow morning to kill as many as we can outside of the walls. Try and take out the radioactive ones that are instigating all of this to quell down the shamblers.

This is gonna be hell.