Review - Anti #1

Demons walks among us. At least, they do in the world inhabited by characters in Anti #1, published by 12-Gauge Comics.

The first issue is written by Peter Calloway, with art by Daniel Hillyard, colors by Charlie Kirchoff and a cover by Brian Stelfreeze.

It's a mad, mad world where demon-hunter Jordan hunts down said demons. She's pitted against Balen, a man who appears to be a ringleader of sorts when it comes to the demons on Earth. He's determined to end Jordan, but he doesn't know about Zachary.

That about sums up the first issue of Anti #1. Calloway has created a world with evangelism in the background guiding the decisions of many of its inhabitants. Jordan is characterized as a little too cool for school, but she's really good at what she does.

The demons aren't really explained very much in the first issue. It's clear they're pretending to be humans and somehow Jordan can tell them apart. Other than that though, there's really not much else described about them. It's also a little fuzzy what Balen wants with Jordan, but the series will likely flesh that out.

Hillyards's art is pretty strong. He doesn't get to really do much in the way of demons (as everyone's in human form. It's likely there will be some nasty looking demons in future issues; there may even be a couple of good fights down the road. Hillyard does recycle a few panels, but it doesn't necessarily take away from the issue.

Anti #1 is an interesting first issue. It's reminiscent of Constantine in multiple ways and learning the story behind the demons will be interesting.

Anti #1 is available now for only $1 and carries a Diamond code of MAY121301.