Review - Bloodshot #1

The obligations that come with being in the military are vast and varied, but its often the obligation of loyalty that is the most problematic. Typically, that loyalty is somewhat blind, which is what makes things in Bloodshot #1 from Valiant Comics that much more intriguing.

The first issue is written by Duane Swierczynski and illustrated by Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi.

When Ray is called into action for the proverbial "one last time," he does so under a few implied assumptions. The first to his wife, saying he won't be in the field. The second to his previous commander Hutch, assuming that the plan to rescue Apanewicz is what it is. In short, it's not.

Bloodshot's combat acumen is on full-display as he moves behind enemy lines with the intent of learning the truth behind a new weapon of sorts. What he doesn't realize is that his mission is a lot more complex than even he realized and his wife will likely be pissed when she finds out what he's actually doing.

Bloodshot is very much a Jason Bourne-like character. That is, he's a government-trained weapon with great skills and an even greater unawareness of what's really going on. Swierczynski handles this aspect very well.

He portrays Ray as brash, but a family man at the same time. He clearly loves combat and being in the field and his reliance on the nanite Bloodshot technology has created an aura of invicibility around him. Swierczynski has him getting lost in it, which makes the revelations at the end of the issue that much more sobering to both the reader and Ray.

The illustrations by Garcia and Lozzi are strong. There are some fairly violent parts where there seems to be a slight excess of gore, but they successfully relay to the reader that Ray's world is a dangerous place.

There are a few panels that look recycled somewhat. Basically, two pages feature Bloodshot in an identical pose going through an identical injury. It could be done for symmetry's sake, with one being Ray and the other being Bloodshot, but it does seem a little odd.

The first issue lays the groundwork for what could be a deep, military espionage tale. Bloodshot clearly has some skeletons in his closet he didn't even know about and watching him learn about them without knowing who to trust will be intriguing.

Bloodshot #1 is in stores July 11 with interiors below.