Review - Charismagic #6

Charismagic #6 is the conclusion to one of Aspen's original series. It claimed that everything you know about magic will vanish. Does the final issue live up to that promise?

The final issue is written by Vince Hernandez, illustrated by Khary Randolph, colored by Emilio Lopez and lettered by Josh Reed.

When faced with an interstellar magic entity, it's best to rely on your friends. For Hank--a seemingly standard Vegas magician--that means Sudana, Sparkles and Kon. They're all facing off against Samsun in an effort to send him back to the void from whence he came.

Considering this is the final issue of the mini-series, you probably have a good idea how it ends. Having said that, there are a few panels in the book that set up the next series. The first features the Derouen Coven, the witches who restored Samsun to power. They're not pleased with Samsun's callous regard for their well-being and leave him behind.

The second involves the strange entity in the Void Realm that Hector and Alle encountered. He's shown in the background of one of the panels rather ominously. Finally, there's the epilogue, which basically shows a whole bunch of magic gearing up to tackle the world.

This is a very fast-paced issue and Hernandez made sure all the loose ends were tied up. He did an excellent job sowing the seeds for Charismagic: The Death Princess, which appears to be the next in the series. His best work was with Hank though.

Hank went from being a Las Vegas show to saving the Earth from Samsun and his character transformed accordingly. He didn't get too cocky, but simply more comfortable with the responsibilities thrust upon him. He learned a lot from Sparkles and Sudana that really made a difference for him in the end.

What else can you say about Randolph's art other than it's awesome? This is a book all about magic and some of the creative creatures he came up with were fantastic. His illustrations really added to the mystique of the book, really driving the story home.

As a final issue, Charismagic #6 was the perfect conclusion. It tied up loose ends while unraveling a few more, setting the table for the creators to return to this world later on. It's a great final issue that begs the question: if Hank already beat Samsun (the greatest sorcerer in the universe), what's next?

Charismagic #6 is in stores July 11 with interiors below.