Review - Danger Club #3

The year is almost half-done, but that's not too early to say that Danger Club is one of the better and unheralded comics out there. The third issue is slated to hit stores this week and it's a doozy.

The issue is written by Landry Q. Walker, with art by Eric Jones and colors by Michael Rusty Drake (assisted by Garry Black and Vegasday).

Sidekicks have to step up when the heroes disappear and Kid Vigilante has been doing his best to restore the order and enlist the sidekicks to fight evil. He's trying to to capture Apollo's healing power for an unnamed reason, likely to be revealed later.

Jack is leading a second group of sidekicks against the former supervillains' base. The scene there isn't quite what they were expecting and, needless to say, it leads to some intense revelations.

Walker's tale in the third issue is extremely complex. It's a multiple layer issue that really takes the story up quite a few notches. There are six-issues in the series and the bombshell dropped at the end of the issue really sets up the ending arc.

What the characters face in this series is alarmingly mature considering the age of the sidekicks. That's the most admirable facet of the story, that Walker has managed to force these characters into impossible situations. Those situations require maturity and Walker gives his players all the tools to do so.

Jones' art is equally as powerful and helps the story leap of the page. It's vividly colored by Drake and really lends a final emphasis on a fantastic story. The art has a sheen and finish to it that shows devotion to the craft and is really some of the best there is right now.

Danger Club #3 is the third issue in one of the best series there is right now. The writing is quality and the art is just as strong. This is a story with so many layers that peeling back one reveals another. The characters are faced with such trials that anyone fighting through them would be hard-pressed to do so. The fact that these are kids fighting adult battles makes it even more fascinating to watch as it plays out.

Danger Club #3 is in stores July 4 with interiors below.