Review - Executive Assistant Assassins #1

Life as an Executive Assistant is rather unfortunate. You're forced to do a lot of menial tasks with little in the way of recognition. It's even worse when you're that kind of Executive Assistant and you have a trail of death and violence following your life, as Lily finds in Executive Assistant Assassins #1.

The first issue is written by Vince Hernandez, with illustrations by Jordan Gunderson, colors by Teodoro Gonzalez and letters by Josh Reed.

Lily is a dancer of the exotic variety, using her uncanny rhythm to dance on stage as a means to an end. That's obviously not her true ability, as that lies in her capacity as an Executive Assistant.

It's the latter part of her talents that have gotten her in some trouble, as Mazutsu is a man seeking her for whatever reason. He's perfecting the Predator Drone VX, a weapon capable of wreaking massive destruction across the world. Lily and this drone intersects at some point, which will likely be revealed further down the road.

The story by Hernandez is reflective of his knowledge of the universe. He's clearly comfortable writing the Executive Assistant characters and keeping them all within the same universe. Lily is characterized as a drug addicted weapon with a short temper.

That's not to say her actions aren't warranted when it comes to what she has to deal with. There is a point later in the issue where that temper might be her downfall, but that remains to be seen.

Gunderson's illustrations are similar to that of the other Executive Assistant series. Lily is given more depth in her appearance, which helps to add more layers to her. She's actually being built up to be complex and she has a very intricate look to her that works for the issue.

Executive Assistant Assassins #1 is a first issue that establishes Lily primarily as an Executive Assistant. Her role and meaning to Mazutsu are yet to be unclear and with the issue being the first story in the "Life After Death" arc, you can imagine that things will get crazy for Lily.

Executive Assistant Assassins #1 is in stores now with interiors below.