Review - Harbinger #2

What would you do if you could talk to a dog? Find out where he hid his bone? Ask him why he's always licking himself? If you're anything like Peter Stanchek, you tend to ask more important questions, such as how I do I get the anti-psiot tech out of my head.

That scenarios arises in Harbinger #2 by Valiant Comics. The issue is written by Joshua Dysart, with pencils by Khari Evans and Lewis LaRosa.

Peter Stanchek and Joe have been on the run, fresh off their escape from Blanchwood Psychiatric Hospital. Peter's telepathic powers have proven more than useful, even managing to level the playing field against the soldiers hunting him down (specifically Mr. Tull).

Peter also meets Rachel Hopson Psiot Sensate Recruiter. She and her organization have taken an interest in Peter, thanks to his abilities. He's then faced with the difficult choice of deciding between learning more about his powers and staying with Joe and Kris.

Dysart has slowed things down a tad in the second issue. The first one built up a somewhat feverish pace, with the bulk of the second issue a standoff. The reader is given a glimpse of Peter's true power though, one which has the potential to be truly frightening. There's another reference to this power with Harada as well.

Peter is forced through an array of emotions, the most salient being choosing to help himself in order to help his friends. Such a choice seems fairly innocuous on its surface, but having to give up his friends is the hard part. It'll be interesting to see where he goes with the new team he's joined.

The art by Evans and LaRosa is very impressive. When Peter's in psiot mode he has a glowing aura about him, which the two artists do a great job conveying. And not just conveying that, but how the light interacts with everything and everyone around them. It's mesmerizing it its own way.

This issue gave Peter more emotion to work with and it does work. Peter loses control and the consequences are what you would expect. This loss of control will likely cause problems down the road, making the series worth keeping an eye on.

Harbinger #2 is available now.