Review - The Massive #2

Published by Dark Horse, The Massive is one ship's quest in a post-apocalyptic world to find another ship. Honestly though, it's much more complex than that and The Massive #2 amps up the complexity.

The second issue is written by Brian Wood, with illustrations by Kristian Donaldson, colors by Dave Stewart, lettering by Jared K. Fletcher and covers by J.P. Leon, Rafael Grampa and Stewart.

The second issue in the "Landfall" arc finds Callum Israel and crew still searching for Cal's love, Mary, who took a smaller boat out to lead away some pirates. Mary is a new search being made in addition to seeking the Massive, the sister ship of his Kapital.

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who says that Wood isn't a great writer, but his story in The Massive #2 is a little confusing. This is primarily because it jumps around three points in time.

There's the present, with Cal and Mag looking for Mary. There's the first flashback, with Mary, Mag and Cal discovering the monstrosity that is the new Hong Kong (all port). And then there's another flashback going back to the apocalyptic events again that separated the two ships. All three points in time are laid out brilliantly and synergize very well, but it's a little rough transitioning from one to the other.

What the story lacks in straightforwardness it more than makes up for with characters, as Wood has imbued his with great emotion. Cal is torn between continuing the search for the Kapital and his one love, Mary. Mag is equally as torn, between duty and loyalty. Their dynamics work really well together and convey a bond between the two of them that's ironclad.

Donaldson's art is beautiful quite frankly. It's clean and effective, moving along with the dialogue very well. That art is further embellished by Stewart's colors, his use of sepia tones helping the reader know when they're in a flashback. The hues on the ship move with the scene. For instance, inside the ship hues are grey, but outside the ship they're slightly brighter.

The Massive #2 is a solid second issue in the three issue mini-series. It's got great characters with clear motivations and strong accompanying art. The jumping around in time is a little unsettling, but it's not too difficult to keep up with. Definitely worth a read.

The Massive #2 is in stores now with interiors below.