Review - Soulfire Faith #1

Soulfire Faith #1 is the third in the five initial issue to set up Aspen's big Soulfire crossover.

It's written by Amanda McMurray, illustrated by Sylvia Oum and lettered by Josh Reed.

Malikai disappeared. The Bringer of Light is not around to save the world and Pili continues to search for any sign of the Samusara. She finds that the search is difficult primarily because the visions in her own head are threatening to tear her apart.

That's more or less the gist of the issue. There's a brief reference to a duo--RJ and Sonia--practicing their combat. What Pili does next will likely have great implications when it comes to the Search for Light.

McMurray's foray into the build-up to the crossover seems slightly less involved than the other writers. The issue was fairly light on dialogue and story, relying more on simply saying that Pili really doesn't have a clue as to what's going on.

Oum's art is actually quite strong. There's a clear attention to detail when it comes to Pili and the monsters in her head are illustrated quite nicely.

Soulfire Faith #1 doesn't do anything more than introduce Pili and reiterate that Malikai is gone. It's the middle of the setup arc and sort of feels as such, with really no momentum at all to carry it into the next one. It's worth reading if for nothing else to keep up with the story moving into the full event.

Soulfire Faith #1 is in stores today with interiors below.