Review - Soulfire Power #1

Everyone knows the adage: with great power comes great responsibility. It rings true in just about every scenario, especially when that scenario involves powerful magic returning as it does in Soulfire Power #1 from Aspen Comics.

Soulfire Power #1 is written by David Wohl, with illustrations by Nacho Arranz and Khary Randolph, colors by John Starr, Emilio Lopez and Etienne St. Laurent and letters by Josh Reed.

He is called Ren Watastu. It's a simple enough introduction for one of the masters responsible for training the Samusara. In one of his meditative states a new magic overtakes him; one that has awoken as Malikai rose to power. Enter Benoist.

Benoist is a former Battle Pit champion, zipping along cliffside roads on motorcycles with his understudy Mika. He's also an individual that can succeed where grander incarnations of technology (mechs) can't in stopping a magical outburst from destroying the world.

Wohl's entry into the five-issue set-up series by Aspen is a little different than the others. It maintains the theme of technology and magic pervasive throughout the others, but Soulfire Power #1 boasts probably the most explosive magic. Ren is slightly afraid of the magic's true power, completly oblivious to it taking over his being.

The art by Arranz and Randolph is very anime-ish. The issue is set in Japan, so it's likely that was at least partially intentional. It does work though, even though Benoist's motorcycle looks almost exactly like Akira's. Ren looks like the villain in a Disney movie, only he's a good guy (we think).

Soulfire Power #1 is the fourth of five and it reaffirms the uneasy "alliance" forged between technology and magic. Often one is confused for the other and there is definitely some overlap, but it appears both will play pivotal roles in the fourth volume of Soulfire.

Soulfire Power #1 is in stores today with interiors below.