Review - The Walking Dead #100

The Walking Dead #100. What more can you say about one awesome comic that issue in and out just keeps dealing out a world of hell for those lucky survivors pushing ahead? All of the trials, killing, zombie attacks and some crazy events have happened, all of which are culminating in issue #100.

I've been reading this comic for a long time and after awhile you realize how really nobody is safe from dying and the amount of bodies they have piled up over the issues keeps you on edge.

The centennial issue is written by Robert Kirkman, illustrated by Charlie Adlard, colored by Cliff Rathburn and lettered by Rus Wooton.

Catching up to #100 finds Rick and the other survivors going out to meet up with the people on the Hill, joining forces against an evil individual named Negan. Readers likely remember the Governor and how crazy he was. Well, so far Negan is proving to be just as messed up--if not worse.

As his people have the walled-in neighborhood and Rick’s van in their sights they head toward the Hill. All these facts lead to bad things happening and trust me when I say you will not see the ending in this issue coming.

On top of being an overall great issue, there so many different variant covers that were created by all the talent house in Image Comics. There are plenty of reasons to own this issue and if you haven’t been reading this series all along they have all the issues in nice volumes that shows The Walking Dead in all its glory.

This was such a great issue and you have to read it a few times more just because of how awesome an issue it is. The fact that the comic has always been in black and white is another awesome positive about this series. Makes me feel good about the future The Walking Dead is going to have and I bet it is going to continue to be one messed up world.