Preview - Bloodshot #2

Ever fist bump with Bloodshot? If you did, you'd know it, as it consists of his fist bumping hard with your face. And that's just what happens in Bloodshot #2, written by Duane Swierczynski and illustrated by Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi.

Waking up inside a body bag is no way to start the day. But that’s where you are, and worse yet, you’re 35,000 feet above the desert, guarded by the some of the toughest soldiers on the planet. You’re being flown back to the people who created you, who may have even betrayed you. You’re having a hard time separating your false memories (of family, duty, country) from the grim reality (of bullets, blood, screaming). Who’s really on your side? Why were you created? And where does the “real you” end and the killer known as Bloodshot begin?

The second issue hits stores August 15 with interiors below.