Preview - Starstruck TPB

Collections are all the rage these days. Collections of series such as Starstruck, remastered and chock full of awesome, are even better.

The series features the talents of Elaine Lee and Michael Wm. Kaluta, cramming their talents into 360 pages of Starstruck and Galactic Girl Guides adventures. The collection also features covers, pin-ups, glossary, postcards and much, much more. It also includes never before seen pages.

Additionally, Kaluta painstakingly added approximately 20% of art to many pages to ensure the aspect ratio of the comic would be consistent and correct. The end result is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, a head-spinning, synapse-snapping, soul-searing ride to a world like no other…the world of Starstruck.

The book is $34.99 and you can check out below to get starstruck by the interiors. Check them out though with no one looking over your shoulder. They're not exactly safe for work.