Review - America's Got Powers #3

All's fair in love and TV ratings and the latter is especially true in America's Got Powers #3 from Image Comics.

The third issue is written by Jonathan Ross, illustrated by Bryan Hitch, inked by Paul Neary and Jason Paz, colored by Paul Mounts and lettered by Chris Eliopoulos.

Tommy is the talk of the town after his energetic outburst. He's being thrown further into the thick of things against the Power Generation, seeing as how all the Paladins didn't fare to well the last time around.

Tommy remains the interest of just about everyone. The audience watching, the Power Generation, the show hosts and especially the government officials hoping he turns out to be more than he is. Figuring out how he does what he does is part of what makes the series so much fun and there's a lot in this issue that could help to explain that.

America's Got Powers #3 features exceptionally strong storytelling. The third issue sheds light more on the government's harvesting of the newly minted power infused individuals. Ross has created a history where those with powers are being perpetually incubated and tapped in the hopes of transferring their powers to soldiers.

This backdrop is important because, by the end of the issue, Tommy shows the world he's not done showing the world his powers. There's a really intriguing twist that happens and adds an entirely new layer of complexity to the powers in the book. It all comes together very well and presents a very tightknit universe.

Hitch is equally at the top of his game in this issue, with some gorgeous two-page spreads that have a lot of impact. The first half of the issue is more narration, whereas the second half of the issue is more action. It's a healthy mix and Hitch handles both paces very well.

Credit has to be given to the inking team of Neary and Paz and colorist Mounts as well. The trio have given the illustrations great life through the use of bold, primary colors. This is a book that's simply gorgeous to look at, where every single panel is densely populated with some form of action, advancing the plot.

Image Comics continues to be the best publisher out there right now. That's a fact. America's Got Powers #3 is just another issue in quite possibly the best series on shelves today, with very even pacing and phenomenal artwork. Ross and Hitch continue to present a top-notch product and if it's not on your pull list already it should be.

America's Got Powers #3 is in stores now with interiors below.