Review - Bloodshot #2

Waking up in a body bag is an auspicious start to the day. Waking up in that body bag flying at 35,000 feet with a group of armed men pointing weapons at your head isn't any better. It's a scene that does play well in a comic like Bloodshot #2 from Valiant Comics.

Bloodshot #2 is written by Duane Swierczynski, illustrated by Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi, inked by Matt Ryan, colored by Ian Hannin and lettered by Rob Steen. It boasts covers by Lozzi and Andy Brase.

Bloodshot spends most of the issue in various states of physical distress. That is, he's shot, beaten, blown up and generally punished physically, forcing the nanites to go into overdrive to heal him. All this while having what can only be classified as a schizophrenic episode.

The army realizes the threat Bloodshot poses, only their efforts to contain him are less than successful. That is, they fail miserably. This prompts them to resort to a plan B, which involves someone who's been locked away for far too long and presumably has the power to stop Bloodshot cold.

The dialogue by Swierczynski is sharp and tight, really doing a great job of advancing the story at a relatively speed pace. He let's the reader know what Bloodshot is capable of and his limits in a way that gives the reader some room to figure it out. Granted, the overall story didn't move tremendously forward with this issue, but there were key things about Bloodshot's condition that will likely factor in down the road.

The art team of Garcia, Lozzi, Ryan and Hannin does a great job. There are quite a few panels where Bloodshot is wrecking shop and they flow with ease, with very little confusion as to what's going on. There's great hues used for various states of lighting in certain locales which add a military feel to the proceedings.

If you liked Bloodshot #1, you'll find more of the same in the second issue. This is a book that has the potential to be solid once it really gets going and past the initial introduction of Bloodshot phase.

Bloodshot #2 is in stores August 15 with interiors below.