Review - Creepy Scarlett Volume 1

Last April, Omnicomic reviewed Creepy Scarlett #1, an interesting look at a witch with defending duties. Since then, writer Graeme Buchan has released a "remastered" volume one, which includes the original two stories (Creepy Scarlett vs. Zombies and Creepy Scarlett vs. Pumpkinface) as well as a new story in "Creepy Scarlett & the Order of the Red Sun."

The remastered issue is written by Buchan, with art by Felipe Sanhueza Marambio, Ozzy Longoria and J.C. Grande, with the cover by Longoria and Sergio Arcuna, colors and letters by Jessica Jimerson, SFX lettering by Keith Perkins and the chapter covers by Nadica Boskovska.

The first story is "Creepy Scarlett Vs. Pumpkinface" is set in town where Scarlett faces off against Pumpkinhead, who's hellbent on making her life miserable. She stops his current plan, but quickly realizes he was sent by the Order of the Red Sun to stop her.

The second story is "Creepy Scarlett & the Order of the Red Sun." This is the story that wasn't in the original Creepy Scarlett #1 and it actually adds a lot of valuable context to the other two chapters. In it, Scarlett pays the Order of the Red Sun a visit after being visited by Pumpkinface.

At the Red Sun headquarters, Scarlett stumbles on the presumed Red Sun leader, Mr. Priest, looking for a Lisa Bliss. Lisa is the girl with Scarlett who distracted Pumpkinface and it touted as having powers similar to those of Scarlett.

The third and final story is "Creepy Scarlett Vs. Zombies" and has Scarlett facing off against zombies in a graveyard on the outskirts of town. What's nice is that the story actually reveals an origin for the zombies, which is refreshing. Anyway, she fights the zombies and saves the day, knowing that her beef with the Order of the Red Sun likely isn't done.

Scarlett has a problem crossing the bridge into town for some reason, but it's still not made abundantly clear why. This is a fact that is alluded to as well by Mr. Priest and is presumably why he's so keen on getting Lisa Bliss. He thinks she has the power of Scarlett and cross the bridge, which would make her a good weapon perhaps.

The art styles remain fairly similar throughout, despite there being different artists. It's close enough in style that it all works together very well. Longoria seems to use more detail while Grande seems to do more as far as filling the panels with action. The art overall fits the story and Scarlett is depicted with authority.

Compared to the first issue, there are definite improvedments in this one. The art looks cleaner and sharper, but there are still some inconsistencies. There are some panels where Scarlett looks more human and others where she looks a bit more cartoony. It's likely chalked up to the different artists, but it is a little distracting at times.

Creepy Scarlett #1 has the potential to be interesting, depending on how it plays out. The supernatural genre is still being tapped here. Scarlett's involvement with the Order of the Red Sun is enough to bring you back for at least the second issue. The re-released volume helps the story make a lot more sense, so if you checked it out the first time you'll have more answers this time around.

Creepy Scarlett Volume 1 is available now.