Review - Debris #2

In a world with scattered civilizations, organic robots and general danger, a typical day can be pretty hard. Even more so if you're a Protector like Maya in Debris #2 from Image Comics.

The second issue is written by Kurtis J. Wiebe, with art by Riley Rossmo, colors by Owen Gieni and letters by Ed Brisson.

Maya is a Protector, tasked with venturing out into the world and heading towards Athabasca. It's this legendary place where Maya is hoping she can find what she needs to make life easier for her and her village from the Umbra, the mechanized beasts patrolling the lands.

En route to the fabled spot, she encounters a man named Kessler, living amongst the ruined landscape by himself. He's been ostracized by the Council for an unknown reason and wants back in. He's hoping that helping Maya will buoy his case for re-entry.

This issue didn't feature nearly as much setup as the first issue, but Wiebe is still telling a strong story. Kessler's role will likely be more than just eccentric kook and the duo will likely face some stiff challenge in their travels.

Probably the biggest compliment you could make for Debris is that it feels like a Final Fantasy game. Not one of the newer ones, but the SNES ones (Final Fantasy II & III statestide). There's just this perfect blend of setting, characters and enemies that makes it feel like that. It's really a treat to read so far.

Rossmo's art is part of that Final Fantasy flair. It's largely illustrated in a way where your eye is drawn to one particular spot in every panel. Yes, that's the point of comics, but the way Rossmo does it is interesting. For instance, there are quite a few panels where it's just the character talking against a solid, colored background.

The story in Debris is progressing nicely, giving readers something to look forward to in the next issue. Maya and Kessler make for an interesting pairing and the end of the second issue presents them with yet another massive challenge to confront. So far, it's been a solid and interesting comic.

Debris #2 is in stores today with interiors below.