Review - Extermination #3

The end of the world breeds strange alliances, such as superheroes and supervillains teaming up in Extinction #3 from BOOM! Studios.

The third issue is written by Simon Spurrier, with art by Jeffrey Edwards and V Ken Marion, colors by Darrin Moore, John Charles and Vladimir Popov and letters by Ed Dukeshire.

This issue was a tale of two times, with both the present and past being presented to the reader. Nox is contrasting his history as a crime fighter with his present as a survivor, with his staunchest nemesis-turned-ally Red Reaper alongside him. Promethean has also joined their merry band, with the three of them seeking to fight the alien invasion that gives the comic its title.

Spurrier gives the reader some indication as to how proficient the three of them are in their roles, but also provides some context. Nox is contending with Red Reaper and his ways, struggling with decisions of morality and code. What should be acceptable to achieve a goal and what isn't acceptable.

The biggest gripe with the issue is that the characters all seem to have borrowed backstories. Nox is pretty much Batman (right down to Minx as a Catwoman equivalent). Promethean is a Wolverine knockoff and, while Red Reaper doesn't seem to resemble anyone directly, is really just your typical villain. Their backstories sort of hurt the overall narrative, simply because at times you feel like you're reading a Batman or Wolverine book; Extermination #3 is neither.

The art is consistent throughout, despite the multitude of artists and colorists working on it. There are some panels that are a little rough to contend with, but for the most part it gets the point across. The characters look approriately chiseled and the aliens are menacing.

Not much in the way of plot here, but Extermination #3 does provide character backstory. Even if most of the backstory is borrowed from other, established IPs. The series might do well to start getting more into the actual invasion piece of it instead of trying to establish Nox and Red Reaper as the main characters.

Extermination #3 is in stores today with interiors below.