Review - Halcyon & Tenderfoot #2

What's a former sidekick and son of a beloved superhero to do in the wake of his father's death? In Halcyon & Tenderfoot #2 from Art Heroes, it's get revenge.

The second issue is written by Daniel Clifford, with art by Lee Robinson and colors by Nadine Ashworth.

Halogen Man isn't exactly the most well-liked these days. Killing Halcyon, one of the world's greatest superheroes, has that effect. He's trying to get out of town as fast as he can, succeeding where he had previously failed so many times.

Meanwhile, Tenderfoot is faced with the daunting task of moving on. People are talking behind his back, blaming him for his father's death, which is actually pretty heady for a kid superhero to deal with.

Clifford's story is very reminiscent of Megamind, in terms of the hero of the day dying. It seems that Halcyon's death will stick a bit more than Metro Man's, but this is a comic, so anything's possible. That being said, Clifford's story is actually moving along quite nicely.

The first issue featured the big event, while the second issue focuses more on the aftermath. Tenderfoot is, understandably, upset at what happened to his dad. The town is pouring on the guilt though, making it seem like it was his fault. It's kind of a crappy thing to do to a kid, but it'll likely make him stronger and his resolve steelier.

Robinson's art is spot on. It's feels like superhero work, but still cartoony enough to support the story Clifford has crafted. This isn't a book about the end of the world where everything's on the line. It's a book about a son/sidekick coming to grips with his father's death and how he copes. The art does a great job of keeping that theme while being somewhat playful at the same time.

Halcyon & Tenderfoot #2 is a lesser known book, which is a shame. Two issues in, it's a solid story so far and looks to be getting even better. There's a lot to like in the series and watching Tenderfoot avenge his father's death will be enjoyable, as morbid as that sounds. I doubt he'll go Batman on Halogen in his quest for vengeance, but he should learn a lot about himself in the process.

Halcyon & Tenderfoot #2 is available from The creative duo will also be appearing at the Thought Bubble Comic Convention in Leeds in November and will eventually be at Travelling Man in Newcastle. Interiors are below.