Review - Homemade Heroes #2

At the end of the day, superheroes are just like everyone else. The only difference? They have something that makes them special, but it's not something that necessarily makes them different. Homemade Heroes #2 is a book that looks at such heroes and their daily trials and tribulations.

The second issue is written and illustrated by Russ Walton under the Grim Rascal Presents pseudonym.

The book continues the layout presented in the first issue. It's a series of strips looking at heroes in Walton's world, each of them subject to some abject humiliation that humanizes them. It's more of the same as far as weaknesses go and some of them are pretty smart.

For instance, there's a female character named Guardian Angel, flying high above the city. As is usually the case, many of the male heroes are fawning over her for obvious reasons. Until she does what birds do and puts a stop to his desires. Stuff like that.

There's also another, full-page panel that clearly takes aim at Guillem March's cover for Catwoman #0. It's a similar pose that features the character giving a diatribe on the objectification of women in the world. It's an interesting panel and reflects the underlying theme of the book, bringing attention to social concerns through the strips.

Walton doesn't really provide an overarching story throughout the issue. The link is that the characters all seem to live in the same city and their paths simply cross at various points. That's the common thread. The issue doesn't suffer for a lack of a story though, as the strips are enjoyable enough on their own.

Like the first issue, the biggest selling point of the second issue is Walton's art. His characters are illustrated with depth and detail. It's a very street style of illustrating, with the characters defined by bold lines and defined bodies. These are heroes and villains and they look like them. They're normal based on how they act.

Homemade Heroes #2 is more of a collection of stories than anything, but they're entertaining. They poke fun at some our fallacies as humans and they do so in a way that's not really self-righteous or anything. It's an entertaining and amusing book that's worth checking out.

Homemade Heroes #2 is available now. Check out Grim Rascal's Facebook page for more information.


  1. Hi thank you for the review you can also buy H.M.H via drive thru comics/fiction here

    Please be aware that the series is currently being referred to as H.M.H rather than Home Made Heroes so be sure to search for HMH as their is another series by someone else under Home-made heroes.

    Any orders made through me however get a signed copy and a free gift oooooopop exciting stuff


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