Review - Legends of the Night: Mythos

Creating a universe is a tall order, but it's one that Karl White has tackled with the Legends of the Night series. The series includes titles such as Horrors of War, Predation and In The Shadows of Rome, all falling under the Legends of the Night umbrella. Now, there's a new book that gets you ready to read all the other books in Legends of the Night: Mythos

The primer is written by Karl White, with illustrations by Ben Hughes, Breno Girafa, Jesus Garcia Lopez, Rodolfo Buscaglia, Sebastian Piriz, Yu Liang, Fernando Melek and Gaston Zubeldia.

The Universe is described as starting from an event known as Creation, with Time, Fate and the Almighty overseeing the process. These three remain crucial in maintaining the balance of the Universe, designing the life that inhabits it. It's from this event that wars raged both in Heaven and on Earth, bringing forth the Four Pillars in Deception, Hate, Delusion and Suffering.

What follows after that is an almost endless struggle between good and evil. Satan has taken up residence against the good, vampire and werewolves show up and humanity is, as always caught in the middle. Legends of the Night: Mythos is something that you'll want to read first to put the other works into context.

To say that the book is merely a primer is selling it short just a tad. White has actually provided a very detailed and meaty backstory for the Legends of the Night universe. The book reads more like a book with illustrations than a comic book though, which isn't a bad thing at all.

The art is very strong and has a glossy sheen to it. There are a ton of artists working on this, yet the art remains fairly consistent throughout the entire story. Some of the illustrations have more realism, while others are a bit more anime-ish. It all works with the story though.

The premise behind Legends of the Night: Mythos has clear religious influences, but that doesn't really detract from what it's trying to accomplish. That is, it's trying to present to the reader a history of that universe so that the other books will make more sense. It's an interesting approach in fleshing out the stories and characters, providing a complex story for those looking for something new.

Legends of the Night: Mythos is available online for free with interiors below.