Review - Archeologists of Shadows Vol. 2: Once A Nightmare

In a world of all machines, questioning your purpose is a recipe for being captured, reprogrammed and having all the essence that made you "you" erased. For the ones in charge of this world obedience is the rule of law, but for those who believe there is more are fighting to find the truth and the Gods.

The above is the premise of Archeologists of Shadows from Septagon Studios. With part two out now aptly named Archeologists of Shadows Vol. 2: Once A Nightmare that shows the lengths the two alter-egos Alix and Baltimo have to go through to find the Gods and stop the endless cycle that is destroying their world.

Way back in January I had the chance to read and review the first part of the graphic novel. Writer Lara Fuentes and artist Patricio Clarey are bringing the second chapter in the saga of Alix and Baltimo, the alter egos, as they search the Oniric World for the Gods of old.

One of the best things I love about the Archeologists of Shadows graphic novels is the artwork. Clarey has imbued every page just looks amazing as they go from close-ups on the characters to grand, scenic shots.

One of my favorite pages was one with an alter-ego on a rock outcropping as this huge tsunami wave is coming at Alix. The birds are flying above and there's no clear way she is going to make it out of there. Scenes like that just impel the story to move and create this intensity as they fight to overcome their nightmares and find the gods. All of the amazing artwork just blows you away with how vivid and colorful each page is.

Speaking of the story, I loved the tone of the second volume over the first one. The first volume laid the groundwork about the religion of the land and how oppressive it was; either you fall in line or get reeducated to fall in line. Fuentes uses the second volume as a look into the minds and souls of who Alix and Baltimo are.

Their journey must be completed if the Archeologists and the Resistance have any chance of saving the world they know. That journey is answered a bit more in the second volume, as this one cracks the shell some and things begin to clear up. Fuentes even throws in an ending that left me with some questions on how things are going to go down next.

Archeologists of Shadows Vol. 2: Once A Nightmare is an all-around amazing comic that combines such a great story, characters and beautiful artwork into an enjoyable read. It keeps you wondering and questioning what is real and what is false. I am looking forward to the next part to see if Alix and Baltimo manage to find the Gods and save their world. A great read and I highly suggest it.