Review - Archer & Armstrong #2

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are probably one of the best known odd couples. The two had a rhythm where they played off of one another without missing a beat, all while providing fantastic comedic relief. Valiant's Archer & Armstrong #2 features similar comedy and lots of fighting.

The second issue is written by Fred Van Lente, with art by Clayton Henry, colors by Matt Milla and letters by Dave Lanphear.

Archer has come to a sobering reality about his life to that point. In essence, it's been for something other than what he thought it was going to be. That's ok though, because Armstrong is there to help him through the trying times.

Armstrong has been around the block more than a few times, a historically experienced man of the cloth so to speak. It's not until Archer gets a message from a higher calling that he decides pairing with Armstrong will benefit the both of them. They end up face to face with ninja nuns. Fun.

Archer and Armstrong are two exceptionally fun characters and Van Lente presents them as such. Their banter and constant game of one-upping each other really adds flair to the story. It makes a story about the 1% taking over the world seem more jovial.

The 1% part of the story resonates throughout. It's a solid backstory, clearly being presented because it's likely Van Lente shares some of the sentiments against the 1%, but it's not at the forefront. It works really well to frame the rest of their "misadventures" against the religious pieces of the story as a whole.

Henry's art is really just gorgeous. Archer and Armstrong are different in so many ways personally and even more so in the physical regard. Those differences lend to differing fighting styles and different approaches to life, both of which this series will feature an abundance of.

Anyone who can make nuns look menacing deserves applause, so start clapping for Henry now. It seems like an easy task and Henry does it without making them too over the top. There's even an especially imaginative panel layout towards the end that responds to the story, giving the reader a more intimate feel with what's going on. The art in this really is just awesome...that's the long and the short of it.

Valiant has been putting out some quality books, but Archer & Armstrong #2 may be their best title. No disrespect to the other titles is meant at all. This is just a fun, brawling comic book that has everything you could possibly want and more. The odd couple dynamic is in full effect and it'll be a blast to see Archer & Armstrong unleashed.

Archer & Armstrong #2 is in stores today with interiors below.