Review - Dead Man's Run #3

Any prison is designed to keep you in with plenty of twists, turns, locked doors and tons of guards all hellbent on making your time as painful as possible. If hell was a prison though and you had a chance to escape you would be out of your tormented mind not to give it a try right?

Sam Tinker he has no intention of staying in Hell or leaving his innocent sister there to be tormented for eternity. With an ever-growing band of fellow inmates he sets out to break out in Dead Man’s Run #3 from Aspen Comics.

The issue is written by Greg Pak, with art by Tony Parker, colors by David Curiel and letters by Josh Reed.

The third issue features Sam gaining more allies in an engineer from ancient Persia, a serial killer and a woman who can talk to demons. They have varied talents, but they have a shared ability to be proficient killers. Lots of killing. And Sam is the one shepherding everyone out.

With what seems to be like the team that is going to get out of Hell complete, the story starts to kick it up a notch. I foresee a lot more blood, guts and bodies along the path for Sam as he finds his sister to get them out of Hell.

It’s a great concept of a story with Hell being a big prison and innocent souls being hot commodities. Pak has made Sam Tinker extremely important, as he's the only one who can get all of them out. The gap between issues though really slows down the momentum in reading. It's tough to remember what happened in a previous issue a few months ago.

There are also some curious panel layouts. Some pages have so many panels on a page that they're smashed together, where it’s hard to make out what is going on. Don’t get me wrong the artwork is pretty damn cool and like I said the action is great, but at times was just overwhelming and took away from the enjoyment of reading the issue.

This issue was a little weak when compared to the ones before it. It's likely because the momentum has been dulled by the long delay between issues or just because we're still in set-up mode. Now that the team is together, things should start to get interesting in a hurry.

Dead Man's Run #3 is available in stores now with interiors below.