Review - Geek Girl #0

Geeks are more than just guys these days. Women are just as likely to geek out about something as guys are. Not only that, but women are also just as likely to geek out about gaining superpowers. Such is the case of Ruby in Geek Girl #0 from Actuality Press.

Geek Girl #0 is written by Sam Johnson, with art by Sally Stone-Thompson, letters by Jaymes Reed and inlay page letters by Kris Johnson.

Ruby Kaye is a typical college student. She enjoys going out, aspires to be more and enjoys lesbian experiences. Wait. What? Yes, Ruby has got her eyes on a set of glasses created by a nerd in school with her. Glasses that give the person wearing them super-strength.

Ruby parlays the newfound power into some awkward moments at the club. Thankfully though, she takes a lesson from Peter Parker and the whole "with great power comes great responsibility mantra," looking to use the glasses for good.

The zero issue is 16 pages, but it does a solid job introducing the reader to Ruby. She's more than a typical college student, clearly characterized as someone with an eye for bigger things. It's also nice to see her use her powers for good as opposed to evil, but if the series lasts a long time it could be interesting to see her change.

There's one scene where Ruby uses her feminine charm to get the glasses from Trevor and you can look at the scene one of two ways. The first way is that Johnson uses a female stereotype (horny college girl) for the sake of the story. The second is that men are stupid and will likely do anything when presented with attractive women making out.

Thompson's art is in black and white, but it's also solid. Stone-Thompson presents Ruby as strong and confident, regardless of whether or not she's wearing the glasses. It feels a little manga inspired, which gives it a unique feel as a comic.

Geek Girl #0 is a strong first issue, setting up an interesting (albeit somewhat cliche) story. Ruby is affable enough as a main character and it will be interesting to see who (or what) Johnson puts in her way to challenge her.

Geek-Girl #0, published by Actuality Press is available now, priced $2.50 at