Review - Star Wars: Darth Vader and The Ghost Prison #5

Darth Vader is one badass guy. From strangling and killing his own troops to not caring who or what gets in his way; his focus is on serving the Empire and the Emperor most of all. In the last issue from Dark Horse’s Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #5, those traits are reinforced and prove you do not want to mess with Darth Vader.

Writer Haden Blackman and artists Agustin Alessio, Michael Heisler and Dave Wilkins did some phenomenal work with this series and hope to takes us even further to the untold stories of the Star Wars Universe.

In the last issue of this five part series the betrayal by Imperial Headmaster Gentis to overthrow the Empire that has cost him many sons and so many of his graduates is almost complete. With Gentis in control of Coruscant he awaits the arrival of Grand Moff Tarkin to capture him and learn the secret location where the Death Star is being built so it can be destroyed, hopefully taking the Empire down with it.

What Gentis isn’t counting on is the small force that Darth Vader, Lieutenant Tohm and Moff Trachta have built up from the prisoners located at a secret Clone Wars Era prison created by the Jedi. As the Emperor recovers his strength Vader, Tohm and Trachta hatch a plan to deal with the traitors and secure the Empire once and for all.

I am a big fan of Star Wars from the movies, games, comics, books...the universe is so huge that countless characters and stories exist within this galaxy far far away. Dark Horse again and again puts out high quality Star Wars canon that just keeps pulling you back in and Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison being a prime example of such.

Blackman knows the mythos and characters and is comfortable living in the Star Wars universe. This isn't the whiny, Anakin Skywalker Vader that the prequels left a lasting impression of in our minds. No, this is the Empire Strikes Back, perform or die Vader, instilling fear in all those around him.

I love the artwork and how the pages are done with most being three split panels that that are all done in this shade of blue and grey. Subtle actions like those allow the story and characters to take center stage with an ending that I didn’t see coming, but one which Vader should have been expected.

As this is the last issue, all of the plotting and planning will come to fruition with a huge battle for the future of the Empire. A great series and among the best Dark Horse has put out in the Star Wars Universe. I can't wait to see what new tale they bring to life next.