Review - Wonderland #2

Wonderland is both a mystical and homicidal place. For every being that's wondrous, there's five that are looking to kill visitors for their own personal gains. Wonderland #2 from Zenescope takes that idea and sort of amps it up.

Wonderland #2 is written by Raven Gregory, with pencils by Sheldon Goh, colors by Felipe Gaona and letters by Jim Campbell.

The first issue introduced three storylines: Sammy, Calie and her daughter Violet and the Queen of Spades. The three of them have yet to converge, but it looks like they're moving towards convergence sooner than later.

The bulk of the second issue features Calie and Violet, both struggling to come to terms with their new status on the run from the horrors that are Wonderland. Violet thinks she's nearing normalcy, but that's never the case when Wonderland's involved.

Gregory manages to bring the insanity that is Wonderland into the reality that Calie and Violet live in, yet it's not entirely clear how. The Queen of Spades is still trying to bend Wonderland to her will and control, but that's not going to stop it from manifesting in other ways.

Violet's characterization as a rebellious teenager helps the storyline along. It forces her to feel trapped and the reality is that she is trapped, albeit in a way she's doesn't realize yet. That rebellious streak will likely play a part in future issues, likely getting her into trouble.

Goh's pencils are simple, yet surprisingly elegant. There's a lot of emphasis on facial expressions, which add a lot to a book like Wonderland. Granted, the most common expression is some variation of fear, but it's fear that the book thrives on, so it works.

What the Mad Hatter and Queen of Spades want from the Liddles hasn't been spelled out, but it stands to reason that--whatever it is--likely involves them being dead. Calie is probably ticking time bomb of sorts, waiting to go off and when she does it will likely be bad news for all those who go against her.

Wonderland #2 is in stores now.