Review - Executive Assistant Assassins #4

The high seas are a dangerous place. Unless you're an assassin. More specifically, an Executive Assistant named Sophora in Executive Assistant Assassins #4 from Aspen Comics.

The issue is written by Vince Hernandez, with art by Lori "Cross" Hanson, inks by Jonathan Bolerjack, colors by John Starr and letters by Josh Reed.

Sophora is, to put it simply, quite the feared woman. She's the Executive Assistant for Tikote. For as much as she's feared, he's feared even more. She capitalizes on that fear to keep the subordinates inline, while falling in love with one of Tikote's top men.

Hernandez has made Sophora probably the most overly sexualized of all the Executive Assistants so far. Sure, the others have used their appearance to their advantage, but Sophora actually uses it as her calling card so to speak. The pirates working for Tikote fear her for her ability and Sophora knows it.

Hanson's art is actually really good. Sophora is illustrated as sexually as she's characterized, really marrying the personality with the looks. The book is all about showcasing Sophora's sexuality and it does it really well.

Hopefully, Hernandez can keep it interesting beyond the first issue in the arc. Having an entire issue dedicated to sexualizing the character is ok for one issue, but if it goes on for the entire series it could get old. The issue ends with something of a twist and how Sophora responds will dictate the direction of the character.

Executive Assistant Assassins #4 is in stores now.