Review - Halloween Eve

End of October means Halloween time, full of costumes, candy, drinking, pranks, partying and all sorts of other mayhem and fun for all ages. For the comic world you don’t get too many comics with a Halloween theme. Some running series might do a one-shot or an occasional holiday issue. Image Comics has you covered though with Halloween Eve, written by Brandon Montclare and illustrated by Amy Reeder.

As the title indicates, it's Halloween Eve and for the employees of a Halloween store it's also the worst day possible, as every last minute shopper scrambling for a costume will come through their door.

Eve can't stand Halloween--or at least the dressing up part--and now her boss is having all the employees come to work in costume. All day she fumes at helping others find the perfect costume, while hating the whole idea of dressing up and pretending to be something else that has no appeal to her.

In reading this comic it felt like Montclare wasn’t sure what he trying to go for. I get it being in a Halloween store and the lead character having a big problem with the whole holiday and life in general. It felt like the comic was attempting to teach a lesson with the story about growth and development. The idea had promise and definitely takes an interesting turn halfway through the issue, but it just seemed a little lost and jumbled overall.

Reeder's artwork was pretty cool really colorful and vivid. It stood out most in my mind reading it the first and second time. It was definitely the highlight of the issue for me. How the story was laid out just didn’t really make it enjoyable.

Most of the time you think of what a Halloween comic would be about, you go with scary, monsters, horror sort of stuff. You don't focus on learning and the lighter side of the day. Maybe it just wasn’t for me.

Halloween Eve is available now.