Review - Homecoming #2

High school is hard enough for teenagers without the tentactles, melting skin and assortment of other strange new happenings. If you thought Sunnydale was alone in its strange occurrences, you've never been to Hillcrest. Homecoming #2 from Aspen Comics takes you there.

The issue is written by David Wohl, with art by Emilio Laiso, colors by Brett Smith and letters by Josh Reed.

The issue starts off with the investigation of Tom Vinson going missing. Vinson is one of those radio types whose show boasts an allegiance from listeners and a proprensity for lots of alien talk. The cops get a little bold in their investigation of the scene and make a discovery that doesn't really end well for either of them.

Meanwhile, Jay Anne is discovering that the incident from the previous issue may have had a more lasting effect than just being a distant memory. She comes close to confiding in Hunter, but then decides that maybe it's best she talk to Celeste instead. The teens have a get together where they share some of the lasting impacts from the attack, punctuated by the appearance of two special agents and a surprise visitor.

Wohl infuses the story with dialogue that's both relevant and believable. These are teenagers dealing with both an alien invasion and high school or just a Tuesday for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes, that's two references to the character in the same review, primarily because Jay Anne is a lot like Buffy.

Both characters struggled to find their place within society and both have powers that makes them different than most. Granted, in Homecoming #2, powers aren't exclusive to Jay Anne, but she's still got to come to grips with them and control them. Jay Anne also has the comfort of a group of friends who've seen firsthand what she's going through, which helps her better acclimate to the new rules.

The art by Laiso is striking. Jay Anne is a little oversexualized at times, but other than that the looks are fairly evened out. All the students look like Abercrombie models, which could just be a testament to the type of city Hillcrest is. The aliens are illustrated with ferocity and stature, making them formidable opponents.

The second issue of the first volume of Homecoming doesn't have quite the same bombast as the first, but it's a good issue for slowing things down a bit and giving you time to process everything. Jay Anne and the others are clearly impacted by the events of the first issue and it's likely tied in part to why the aliens have landed. Where they go from here though is anyone's guess.

Homecoming #2 is available now with interiors below.