Review - Hypernaturals #4

What do schemers do? They scheme. How deep do their schemes go? That's for the heroes to find out. And begin to find out they do in Hypernaturals #4 from BOOM! Studios.

The fourth issue is written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, with art by Tom Derenick and Andres Guinaldo, colors by Stephen Downer and letters by Ed Dukeshire.

Thinkwell, Bewilder and Clone 45 are investigating Sublime and his plots. Over the course of their investigation, they discover news of the lone survivor of the event that supposedly wiped out all of the previous Hypernaturals team. Meanwhile, Clone 45 is dealing with a crisis at Hypernaturals Central, while Shoal and Half-Shell have their own problems.

For an issue that jumps back and forth between locations, Hypernaturals #4 is incredibly easy to keep up with. Abnett and Lanning have the Hypernaturals reeling on multiple fronts, all the while trying to maintain some semblance of organization. Having the fact that the original Hypernaturals were wiped out be the least of the present problems is fantastic.

Clone 45 really gets a chance to shine in this issue as well. He's been presented so far as something of a mix between Wolverine and the Hulk, fabled for his past skills. He definitely holds his own here and even gets a boost from other clones, something that is pretty imaginative in terms of building up his importance as a character.

The character is a fine example of what the writing duo do best in Hypernaturals. They offer readers plenty of opporunity to better understand them and what they're doing through little callouts on the pages. It's not exactly hand-holding per se, but more sort of a primer on being a Hypernatural. It's interesting and fresh.

Derenick and Guinaldo's art is great and old timey. Clone 45 is big, but not out of proportion big. The combat is fluidly presented and easy to follow and the heroes all have their own style. Even Sublime and his beard of breath (you'll know what I mean when you read the book) that almost looks like a constant frothing of the mouth is chilling.

Hypernaturals is a series that continues to be fascinating and fun. It's a new look at intergalactic heroes struggling to be just that, heroes. There's plenty of action and quality story, giving readers enough to latch onto and enjoy.

Hypernaturals #4 is in stores today with interiors below.