Review - MacGyver - Fugitive Gauntlet #1

Face it. That paper clip, rubber band, battery and pen sitting on your counter have been idle for far too long. You need someone who can teach you how to use those materials to build a rocketship and MacGyver's your man. And fortunately for you, he's back in an all-new miniseries from Image Comics called MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet #1.

The issue is written by Lee David Zlotoff and Tony Lee, with art by Will Sliney, colors by Claran Lucas and letters by Andie Tong and Lucas.

The story is simple enough. MacGyver is contacted by one of his old teachers (Professor Cornwell) seeking help. That help is MacGyver, the only man he can trust, despite his propensity for being a less than ideal student. MacGyver is needed because the invention of a brand new type of seed attracted some "seedy" types.

It's here that MacGyver meets Travis, a hitman and Ireyna Voleskya, an assistant to Professor Cornwell. Since this is MacGyver, clearly things aren't as simple as they seem and, by the end of the issue, MacGyver finds himself smackdab in the middle of an international manhunt.

The series is co-written by the show's creator in Zlotoff, which helps imbue it with the MacGyver spirit. He and Lee have done a great job showcasing MacGyver's talents while keeping the chracter true to his TV show roots. It's pretty awesome that as MacGyver is rigging something up, he's explaining it; partly for his own benefit but also so the reader can keep up.

Sliney's art is pretty good, although Pierre Lamont's suit is a little hard on the eyes. It's almost like an optical illusion within the entire issue. Overall though, the art has something of a jungle feel to it. Not just because of the setting and all the plants, but because of some of the chracter designs as well.

The first issue is a welcome return to one of TV's most beloved characters. MacGyver still has all his wits about him and reading each issue will allow those wits to shine. Making him a fugitive only backs him further into a corner, which means we should see some pretty crazy escapes in future issues.

MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet #1 is in stores now with interiors below.