Review - Think Tank #3

Life is never easier in the military. They have ways of using the cogs of the military complex to bend people to their will, getting exactly what it is they want. It's when people like David test their limits that they get angry, as in Think Tank #3 from Top Cow.

The issue is written by Trip Hawkins, with art by Rahsan Ekedal and letters by Troy Peteri.

David has decided he wants and early retirement, teaming up with Manish to break himself out of the government facility he's been confined to for so long. He's a genius, so of course the plan is nothing short being the same. The military though seems to have other ideas about how to deal with his escape and theft of government property.

Hawkins has made each issue showcase two points in time. The first point is the past, where something earlier happened to David that puts the second point--the present--into context. It's an interesting storytelling technique, but it also makes it feel as if the story is standing in place sometimes.

All three issues have stressed how smart David is and how he's essentially an indentured servant to the government. The issues don't spend as much time on showing how smart he actually is. The third issue spends a lot of time with it and really sped the pace of the book along greatly. The context for his wanting to escape his job is great, but it gets a little redundant as the series has continued.

Ekedal's stark art is very fitting for the work. If the pages were fully colored, it might take away from some of the military feel of the book. David's job (from the government perspective) is to simply show up and work, which is reflected in the art.

That's not to say Ekedal didn't spend a lot of time on the art since it's in black and white. I'm sure he put in tons of effort. The minimalist approach to the art though really helps move the entire story forward and gives the reader more to grab onto. In short, it's solid.

Clearly, the government has had it with David and his shenanigans and we'll find out in the next issue if they're ready to terminate him or not. Where exactly David plans on going if he escapes is another mystery, as I can't imagine a former government scientist getting to live life comfortably as he chooses.

Think Tank #3 is available in stores October 10 with interiors below.