Review - X-O Manowar #6

Ninjak knows how to make a lasting impression. He appeared at the end of the last issue and he's sticking around for X-O Manowar #6 from Valiant Entertainment.

The issue is written by Robert Venditti, pencils by Lee Garbett, inks by Stefano Gaudiano, colors by Moose Baumann and letters by Dave Lanphear.

Ninjak is the man called in when the opponent gets too tough. It's safe to say that Aric is an opponent that can be considered tough, considering he's already started a revolution and fought off multiple armies trying to stop him. The two faced off with less than favorable results for Aric, leading to his current predicament.

Alexander Dorian was the man trying to stop Aric in the first place and Ninjak bailed him out. He finds his allegiances torn after an enlightening conversation with the Vine. A conversation that proves Alexander will likely need both Aric and Ninjak. It could be the start of an uneasy alliance.

Venditti stays at the top of his game in the latest issue. This is most evident by the characterization of Ninjak, a man who's pretty much just plain awesome. Readers are pretty comfortable with Aric and Alexander at this point, but Ninjak continues to impress. Him and Aric get a few panels to throw down against one another and it's likely just the start of some great battles.

Ninjak showcases a wide array of fighting skills, as well as tracking ability. He pulls out some great tools to follow Aric on the run, reinforcing the concept that Ninjak is not one to be trifled with. He's really the standout part of the issue and it's pretty much a definite that he could carry his own story if allowed.

The art team also does a great job depicting the fights and settings. When Alexander talks to the Vine, the art moves into an ethereal-like realm, showcasing the telepathic conversation. It's a unique take on the changing scenario and keeps the art in the issue from getting stale.

Again, Ninjak is the star of the show here. The story doesn't really advance much overall, although the end of the issue does present an interesting storyline for Aric, Alexander and Ninjak to pursue.

X-O Manowar #6 is in stores now.