Review - Bloodshot #5

Bloodshot is angry. Injecting him with nanomites and trying to kill him would have that effect on an individual. And now he's taking his gripes to their origin in an assault on Project Rising Spirit.

The fifth issue is written by Duane Swiercynski, illustrated by Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi, colors by Ian Hannin and letters by Rob Steen.

Everyone loves a good flashback and that's just how Bloodshot #5 opens up. Insight is given into a less than likable character for Melissa Krajnak in Gammy, a hefty woman with a penchant for punishing troublesome youths. Why the flashback? Because the reader is introduced to her in the past to create fear for her in the present.

In the present, Melissa and Kara have been abducted in an effort to draw out Bloodshot and, suffice it to say, it works. Bloodshot finds his happy place and launches his assault on Project Rising Spirit, leaving none alive in his path of destruction. The end of the issue could prove to be a bit of a challenge for Bloodshot when it's all said and done.

Swiercynski continues to create the origin of Bloodshot by telling it through the eyes of revenge. Bloodshot is rightfully upset and by enlisting the help of Melissa, he's got someone who he can commiserate with. The revenge plan is going off fairly well to this point and the mixing of present and past to explore Bloodshot's past is fairly effective.

The art by Garcia and Lozzi is well done, adding in a mix of military equipment filters and formations. The duo is clearly comfortable with the script and scenarios they're depicting and it really helps to move the story along. The final panel is extremely effective at setting up at least the next issue in only one panel. And it sets it up quite intriguingly.

Bloodshot #5 continues the origin tale, with Bloodshot looking for revenge and taking on all comers. The series has lost a little bit of momentum with the revenge angle, but there's definitely the potential for a big combat payoff down the line.

Bloodshot #5 is available now.