Review - Comeback #1

Life is lived with regrets. Turning left instead of right. Not talking to the pretty girl in the coffee shop. Picking a different number for the lottery when your normal numbers are the ones that win. What if there was a way to atone for those mistakes? Make things right? That's the case in Comeback #1 from Image Comics.

It's written by Ed Brisson, illustrated by Michael Walsh and colored by Jordie Bellaire.

Reconnect is more than a company – it’s an opportunity for good. Reconnect can reverse tragedy by sending agents into the past to rescue your mother, your wife, your brother or father or child moments before their untimely death. Mark is one of these agents. He brings the rescued from the past to the present, to a blessed reunion with their loved ones.

He works alongside with Seth on such time traveling missions to save the loved ones of those with the money. The two of them are extremely good at what they do, until Seth starts to get a little on the weary side. His recent performance has left something to be desired and Reconnect is worried about maintaining their reputation at being the best at what they do.

Brisson's start to Comeback is simply phenomenal. It strikes a perfect balance between presenting an intriguing premise while not overloading the reader with information. It's done in a way that keeps your interest while tugging at your curiosity. The entire concept of an organization who charges mightily for the ability to saved loved ones is the prime reason the issue is so interesting.

Time travel is such a difficult subject to work with, but Brisson handles it rather flawlessly. Mark and Seth's relationship woven into the fabric of the theme adds another layer of complexity that will make the entire story shine even brighter. They've got a good working relationship, but when Mark is tasked with keeping an eye on Seth there's the sense that something greater will be at play.

Walsh's art is a little rough around the edges. Many of the panels aren't very intricate in detail; instead relying on bold lines and a minimal approach to characters and settings. There's enough to make sure you know what's going on. Bellaire's colors also add depth to the illustrations and really help the art pop that much more. It's solid.

Comeback is the start of a really refreshing series that has the potential to get even better. The characters are interesting and the premise is fascinating, the combination of the two creating a fun travel through time that will likely not end the way those involved think they are.

Comeback #1 is in stores now with interiors below.