Review - Point of Impact #2

In times of duress we seek to escape. Sometimes, that path takes us up instead of down, left instead of right. Whichever direction we flee to, sometimes what's at the other end isn't safety. Such is the possible case in Point of Impact #2 from Image Comics.

The issue is written by Jay Faerber, with art by Koray Kuranel and letters by Charles Pritchett.

Detectives Warren and Dewey continue to investigate the mysterious death of Nicole Rafferty, seemingly flung from a roof in the first issue. Their investigation takes them to the home of Patrick Boone, the man on the side for Nicole and a good person to start with the questions. Meanwhile, Mitchell Rafferty is desperately seeking answers regarding Nicole's death, failing to recuse himself from covering the story and learning the truth of her affair.

The second issue slams the momentum of the previous issue to a halt. Faerber opened the first issue in dramatic fashion, with the couple in the car and Nicole's body hitting it. This scene really set the tone for the the issue and presumably the series. What happens in the second issue is far less impactful. The characters are all playing their parts, but there's nothing they do that seems as dramatic as the series' opening.

Boone spends most of the issue on the run from the detectives, despite not being a suspect. Sure, he could be getting a little spooked with her death and might know more than he's letting on, but this is an ex-Marine here. I would imagine he could hold his own if interrogated. Mitchell proves to be the angry one in this issue, flying off the handle with his boss and physically assaulting Nicole's sister for answers, of which she has few..

Kuranel's art is strong and very noir, aided primarily by the black and white tones. There's great detail added in to the characters and the scenes look natural, working to include the environment in just about every situation. There are some facial expressions that look a little forced, but overall the art is solid.

The second issue of the series spends more time chasing answers than actually answering questions. Maybe the first issue set the bar too high or maybe subsequent issues will pick up the pace again. Reading an entire issue that's basically cops hypothesizing what really happened isn't very exciting though.

Point of Impact #2 is in stores today with interiors below.