Review - Robyn Hood #3

What's a woman with a special power thrust into a new kingdom to do with herself? In Robyn Hood #3 from Zenescope, she becomes a savior of the people. That's what.

The issue is written by Pat Shand, with pencils by Rob Dumo, colors by Adam Metcalf and letters by Jim Campbell.

A lot has happened since Robyn Hood #2. Mainly, a year has passed with Robyn in Bree, finding people to help and becoming a thorn in King John's side. She's working things out on her own, scouring the countryside for enough to live and generally staying out of the lives of everyone around her. Until Little John arrives.

Little John brings an offer to Robyn that has the potential to change both her life and the life of everyone in the kingdom. An invitation to join the Merry Men is offered with the hopes of getting her in a position to have a meaningful impact at the King's recently announced skills competition.

In the third issue, Shand is starting to take the character into familiar territory. The competition is one of the most famous Robin Hood stories there are, with Robin Hood making a grand entrance (and exit) while further incensing the King. Shand does a good job weaving Robyn's loneliness into the tale, giving her something to share with the people of the kingdom she's about to help.

The fact that a year has passed between the second and third issue is a little strange. It seems a little tough to have so much time pass between issues in the same miniseries, but it's obvious why it was done. Shand spent the first two issues getting Robyn in a position to be recognizable as Robin Hood and, in a five-issue miniseries, with only three more issues a Robin Hood story needs to start.

Dumo's art is well done for the issue. Little John and the Merry Men are depicted of relevant and "historical" stature, giving readers familiar depictions to grasp onto. King John is illustrated as something of a weasel, further emphasizing his general ability to be an all-around jerk.

Robyn Hood #3 continues an interesting take on the character. The fact that Shand is about to take Robyn into familiar territory is promising and hopefully he can provide enough of a twist on the predicted outcome to keep it fresh. So far so good though.

Robyn Hood #3 is in stores now.