Review - Sleepy Hollow #2

Nobody likes it when a guy on a horse with a sword is chasing you down with the intent to take your head off. Nobody especially likes it when that same guy is the Headless Horseman, looking to exact some revenge on those who decided to remove his head. Zenescope has you covered in revisiting the tale with the second issue of Sleep Hollow out now, written by Dan Wickline and illustrated by artist Alberto Cortes, Erick Arciniega and Kim Campbell.

In the second issue, our lovable college guy Craig Marsters is lying face down on some train tracks after trying to do the right thing. It's all part of a tactic to scare him into helping some jock friends of his roommate Ty with their school work that, of course, goes horribly wrong in a bloody good fashion. I don’t see most if any of these guys making it too much longer in the world.

After reading this second issue I see that the next two are going to be brutal, bloody and downright awesome. Zenescope has never been afraid of the blood and guts with a bit of sexuality mixed in there. Wickline ensures that Sleepy Hollow has all of that and a good story meshing them all together. The overall theme of the issue was setting the relations between what happens to Craig now and what happened to one of his great great ancestors during the Revolutionary War.

The artistic team handles the blood well, not letting it overtake the issue. They also do a great job going back and forth between the present and past, keeping a consistency in look between the two eras. The Headless Horseman is also sufficiently intense, making sure that the comic maintains an eerie goriness.

If you’re a fan of fairy tales or even just of this particular one, the Sleepy Hollow, four-part series is worth checking out. Especially the next two issues as I can just imagine how the guys who took part in Craig’s incident will meet their demise.