Review - Think Tank #4

Being smart has its drawbacks. Primarily, being the object of the military's affection. Thankfully, being smart also has its advantages, such as escaping the military, as in Think Tank #4 from Top Cow.

The final issue is written by Trip Hawkins, with art by Rahsan Ekedal and letters by Troy Peteri.

Dr. David Loren continues to mount his escape, handily dealing with any and everything the military throws his way in the process. That includes ground forces, helicopters and angry golfers. He and Mirra are running, jumping and camoflauging their way across the base, looking for a way out.

From a script standpoint, Hawkins' is fantastic. He manages to make Loren come across as extremely arrogant and cocky, fully aware that his intelligence grants him a broader view of life. As he's using the different technologies, he's explaining to both Mirra and the reader how those technologies could be used for good instead of evil.

That's where the entire series has excelled. The overarching theme is that the American military is so keen on crafting new ways to kill, when in fact they should be looking for new ways to help. This is part of what's sticking in David's craw the most and he's quick to point it out.

Ekedal's art is pretty awesome. It's stark and simple, but does a great job carrying all the action in the script. He gets to have fun illustrating some of the rather far-fetched scenarios that David and Mirra find themselves in, adding a certain bit of lightheartedness to someone escaping a military base.

Think Tank was an entertaining series overall--punctuated by a dramatic fourth issue--but felt an issue too long. Dr. David Loren is an interesting character, but the bulk of the series (and even this issue) really just felt like one long monologue. The twist at the end is intriguing and should make the continuation of the series worth watching.

Think Tank #4 is in stores now with interiors below.