Pariah, Missouri : The Graphic Novel Kickstarter

Andres Salazar has a work that meets at the intersection of Deadwood and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. It's a work called Pariah, Missouri: The Graphic Novel. It's oh so close (if not there already) to reaching its financial goal on Kickstarter, but it's worth checking out and sending along some donations if you're so inclined.

The first story will be four, 22-page issues. This Kickstarter campaign focuses on the production of the first two issues printed as one double-sized issue (~50 pages). Currently issue one is completed and the creative team is in the middle of finishing issue two, which is on schedule for the end of December. After this campaign, the team is scheduled to complete issues three and four by spring of 2013 and begin additional story lines in Pariah.

Joining Salazar will be artist Jose Pescador, a professional artist with a penchant for appearing in museums around the world. Not only that, but if the campaign reaches $10,000, the comic will be adapted into a radioplay.

Check out some preview images below.