Preview - Vampirella Strikes #1

Vampirella has a lot of things going for her. Besides the sex appeal and vampiric nature, she's also got something of a monster in her, a monster seeking to take control. Her latest endeavor to control that evil takes place in Vampirella Strikes #1 from Dynamite Entertainment.

The first of six-issues is written by Tom Sniegoski, with art by Johnny Desjardins and covers by Michael Turner, David Finch, Milo Manara, JDesjardins, Chris Eliopoulos and Mike Mayhew. Vampirella never knows what she will be facing from one moment to the next, but what she finds waiting for her in her Boston Brownstone when she returns from a night of hunting is the most unexpected of all. Angels of Heaven sent by God...and they want Vampirella to work for them.

Check out the interiors below and the book in stores January 2.