Review - Call Me Perilous #1

If your resume includes "resident alien," "scientist" and/or "kung-fu master," then chances are you've got quite a storied past. Perilous is such a character and--after his debut in Valhalla Cindermane is getting his own comic in Call Me Perilous #1 from Enemy Transmission.

The first issue is written by Michael Kuty and illustrated by Daniel G.A. Goiz.

Perilous is a blue man with none of the rhythm and more of the combat prowess. He's something of a problem-solver, tapped for his unique abilities to save the day. His latest tour of duty involves curbing riots stemming from Rage Gas, a unique, biological warfare weapon that turns crowds ravenous. Things aren't what they seem though and at the end of the issue Perilous finds himself in a situation worthy of his nickname.

The first issue is actually a little on the crazy side. The story moves at a breakneck pace, introducing Perilous, thrusting him in the middle of chaos and then having him work to figure it out. He's got a love interest and the relationship is reminiscent of Dr. Manhattan's in Watchmen...they're even both blue. Perilous does have some history though and fans of Enemy Transmission's work Valhalla Cindermane will feel right at home.

That's not to say that Call Me Perilous #1 isn't accessible to new readers. For a first issue, it's got enough intrigue to grab the reader's attention. The story sort of jumps around quite a bit, mostly owing to the fact that there's just so much going on. Perilous is sufficiently capable of holding his own and seeing how he escapes the predicament at the end of the issue will be interesting.

The art by Goiz has a glossy look to it. Characters are illustrated with an overabundance of detail and shadows, especially Perilous. His muscles are very well defined and there's heavy shading on his entire body, contrasting sharply with his blue color. The mob scenes are effective at showcasing the bedlam and his blue stands out amidst the red rage.

There are some noteworthy developments in the first issue. There are quite a few characters and a reasonable plot introduced, but the issue is a little jumpy. It all settles down in the end and there are clear threads being established for future issues. Fans of powered beings, vampires and gorillas will be on board for Call Me Perilous #1.

The Equation #1 is available now.