Review - Executive Assistant: Iris Vol. 3 #1

Executive Assistants in the Aspen universe all look towards Iris as the standard bearer for the profession. After all, she is the first of the specially trained assassins. How she fares in the face of extinction gives cause to read Executive Assistant: Iris Vol. 3 #1 from Aspen Comics.

The first issue is written by David Wohl, with art by Alex Lei, colors by Teodoro Gonzalez and letters by Josh Reed.

Iris has a new gig, protecting a wealthy playboy named Mr. Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler has an affinity for private yachts, limos and well-endowed women. Iris is there for it all, working to do her job as best she can, even if that means fighting off a small contingent of Russians looking to go after Mr. Wheeler for whatever reason. On top of that, Iris crosses paths with both Lily and Rose, two other Executive Assistants.

If you've never read an Executive Assistant before, Wohl doesn't leave you totally in the dark. Yes, both Lily and Rose are featured in past volumes, but Wohl does a great job giving the reader an overview of what exactly an Executive Assistant does. Iris is probably the best there is and her prowess is given plenty of time to shine in the first issue of the volume.

Lei's art steps it up a notch, effectively handling the combat and action sequences. The first issue features mostly dialogue heavy scenes, but every depiction of Iris is very well done. There's one minor gripe in that background faces in some panels have no detail. Other than though, the characters are all shown as being more than capable of holding their own in whatever situation they're faced with.

Executive Assistant: Iris Vol. 3 #1 is setting up the new volume very well. Iris is given plenty of introduction as an Executive Assistant, showing that she lives up to her reputation. Considering the series is the first of the Executive Extinction storyline, things could get crazy for all the Executive Assistants. Even someone like Iris may have trouble dealing with what's being thrown at her.

Executive Assistant: Iris #1 is available in stores now with interiors below.