Review - Ghost #2

What's a ghost to do when she doesn't know about her past? Work with two ghost hunters to find out the answer of course! The investigation continues in Ghost #2 in Dark Horse Comics.

The issue is written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, illustrated by Phil Noto and lettered by Richard Starkings.

Elisa Cameron is determined to find out who she is. In the present, she's Ghost, but she has a mysterious past that she's working to uncover. Meanwhile, Dr. Linda October makes her debut after being scarred by Chicago's mayor--a demon no less. Meanwhile, Tommy and Vaughn are still on the search to help out Ghost, not fully aware of everything they're truly getting involved in.

DeConnick is crafting a quality tale of mystery and intrigue. Elisa is connected to some other missing women from the past and that realization she comes to that she's one of them is a great reveal. She's becoming equally as comfortable as Ghost as she is as Elisa. She even gets to brandish the two guns in effective fashion, lending a pretty fierce side to her as well.

The dynamic between her and Tommy and Vaughn is also quite interesting. The two are "ghost hunters" and now that they've actually found a ghost how they handle it is an almost fun sidestory. Again, they're getting in over their heads and watching them discover things alongside Elisa provides two sides of an adventure that are pretty well contrasted.

Noto's art is ethereal and effective. It adds an eerie calm to the story and Elisa transforming back and forth between human and ghost is handled very well. There are some intense scenes depicting violence, but they're not over the top. They're toned down and still maintain the message without going over the top.

The series is working out to be a fun twist on the whodunnit genre. It seems like it should be a lot more serious than it reads, but it actually reads sort of with a slight tinge of humor. That's not a knock against DeConnick as it works very well. There's just a sense about the book that doesn't bog it down with extreme seriousness.

Ghost #2 is available now with interiors below.