Review - Godstorm #3

Oh to be the son of a god. And learning to deal with it. Like Jules in Godstorm #3 from Zenescope.

The issue is written by Pat Shand, with art by Jason Johnson, colors by Ben Sawyer and letters by Jim Campbell.

It takes more than mere words to convince Jules to do something out of his comfort zone. Venus seems to have just the thing needed to pit Jules against Poseidon, all while Jules is still learning about his newfound powers and abilities. There's a little bit of demonic dog thrown in and the big guy himself makes an appearance, sending Jules even further down the Greek god rabbit hole.

While the series started off rather intriguingly, it's sort of lost some steam in the third issue. Jules is clearly a force to be reckoned with and he's quickly discovering those powers. Venus has a reason for manipulating him into fighting Poseidon, but the reasoning is still unclear as to why. There's likely to be a grand reveal in the next or last issue though, which is enough to keep readers' interest.

The dynamic of gods in modern times is still rather imaginative. The series is starting to rely more and more on the deity aspect of life, not really paying much tribute to their involvement in real life other than giving cops something to miss with their shots. Jules has essentially moved from being one person's lackey to another and only time will tell whether he finds it in himself to be his own man.

Johnson's art works well with the source material. He really manages to make the characters feel like gods and goddesses (considering they are), adding in a grand scope to the book. God of War excels because of the massive scale of things and depicting the characters in their full, god-form works well.

Godstorm #3 has things getting weirder and weirder for Jules. He's got a ton of power, is learning how to use it and seems to invite people telling him what to do. He's shown flashes of rebellion against some characters, but you'll have to check out the next issue to find out what he does in the presence of Zeus.

Godstorm #3 is in stores December 19.